Creativity Tuesday: Burn Baby Burn + a Piano

What is a “burner”?

It’s that time again, Creativity Tuesday!  I know it is way overdue (apologies for that, it’s been crazy after #ALP). If you aren’t familiar with #creativitytuesday, then you are in for a treat! Enjoy some beautiful photography, and be inspired to improve your writing through creative expression. Each Creativity Tuesday post will feature a different photographer or artist, and will give you an opportunity to practice and improve your writing skills. Using the photo provided, allow your mind to wander freely as you decide what to write. I’ll provide you with some questions to guide your thinking process if you get stuck; however, the object of the post is to get you thinking….outside the box. (see what I did there?)

Some quick information if you are new; feel free to scroll past this information if you are already a seasoned Creativity Tuesday expert:

  • feel free to write about whatever the picture inspires within you
  • if you feel stuck, scroll past the image, and on the bottom of each post, you can read a bit more about the photo. You can practice reading and writing with this section of the post, and once you’ve read, you can respond to your thoughts of it. This will give you even more writing practice, or a jump start if you aren’t feeling too inspired.
  • I encourage you to share your writing, as a way to receive feedback. There are plenty of ways to do it, so here are some of the ways you can share your writing with me (and others):
    • Start sharing your Creativity Tuesday posts on your own blogs and linking it back (“pingback”) to my post. When you link it back to the post, I will not only be able to see it, but I can add it to a resource link at the end of the blog. You gain more exposure for your site, receive feedback from me, and improve writing! It’s a triple score!!
    • Write your answer in the comment section to share with everyone! Allow others to comment and interact with you, and give yourself the opportunity to receive my feedback!
    • Share your text via social media and tag me! @jenesl760 You can write the file in a doc, PDF, or other format and upload it to your social media site (or include a link) to share with me and the world! That’s what social media is all about, right?!

Don’t forget to scroll through past Creative Tuesdays, just type it into the search bar on the right side of this post!

Be Inspired

Dotan Negrin of Piano Around the World:

Dotan Negrin of Piano Around the World: Image via

  • Describe what you see in the photo: what is happening? where was the picture taken? what time of the day/season?
  • The image caption via Instagram, is “I’ll be doing some Sunrise piano at Burning man. Look our for me.” – what is Burning Man?
    • If this is an event, what kind of event could it be?
  • Have you ever seen a similar experience? Have you ever participated  in a similar experience (have you done it yourself)?
  • What questions would you have for the man playing the piano, what curiosities do you have?

Spend some time thinking about the questions above, and feel free to create some of your own topics and prompts (again it’s all about creativity!). If you would like to read about this image, then you can see more of a description below. Remember you can also respond to the description, writing your own thoughts about what you read, summarizing what you understood, or stating your opinion of the work/art!

*NOTE: If you would like to first explore your own creativity, then STOP here and don’t continue reading until you are finished*

From Dotan Negrin, and his website, Piano Around the World, he writes:

” I’m Dotan Negrin and I travel around the world with my piano. In 2010, I quit my day job, bought a truck and a piano, and hit the road in pursuit of a new life. I have a Web series where you can watch some of my best stories…”

This year, Dotan joined tens of thousands of people in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to participate in an event “dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.” This event is known as Burning Man, and I strongly encourage you to pop on over to their main website, here. Read about the event, the culture, the community and network, and see how this picture fits into Burning Man’s story. This website may help you understand the answer to this post’s first question as well!


What are your thoughts on Piano Around the World, his story, and the Burning Man experience? Continue improving your writing by responding to the texts above, and don’t forget to share your writing for even more learning opportunities! ((see above for details))

Happy Studying! ♥

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