Creativity Tuesday: The Livegram Project

Welcome to English Outside the Box’s newest theme post, Creativity Tuesday!

Creativity Tuesday is going to be a recurring theme that will give you opportunities to practice and improve your writing skills, as well as review some reading. The name is simple; it will be posted Tuesdays, and it is a way to explore your creativity, since YOU will decide what to write, based on a picture or image you see. I will provide some questions to guide your thinking process that you can choose to answer, or you can choose to write freely, wherever your mind would like to go.

If you scroll past the image, on the bottom of each post, you can read about what the photographer or designer has to say about the image. They may share details of where a photo was taken, the imagination behind the art, or a fun story related to their image! You can practice reading and writing with this section of the post, once you’ve read what the artist has to say respond to your thoughts of it. Again, questions may be provided to help you along the path of creativity.

I encourage you to share your writing, as a way to receive feedback. There are plenty of ways to do it, so here are some of the ways you can share your writing with me (and others):

  1. Start sharing your Creativity Tuesday posts on your own blogs and linking it back (“pingback”) to my post. When you link it back to the post, I will not only be able to see it, but I can add it to a resource link at the end of the blog. You gain more exposure for your site, receive feedback from me, and improve writing! It’s a triple score!!
  2. Write your answer in the comment section to share with everyone! Allow others to comment and interact with you, and give yourself the opportunity to receive my feedback!
  3. Share your text via social media and tag me! @jenesl760 You can write the file in a doc, PDF, or other format and upload it to your social media site (or include a link) to share with me and the world! That’s what social media is all about, right?!


Now that all the nitty-gritty (important details) has been given, let’s get started with our very first, Creativity Tuesday.!R. Plínio F. São Paulo - 01308-080/zoom/galleryPage/image_puz!R. Plínio F. São Paulo – 01308-080/zoom/galleryPage/image_puz

This image is shot by Caio Leão via his website
  • The image is a part of, “The Livegram Project” – What do you think this project is about?
  • What do you see happening in this photo?
    • What is the woman looking at?
  • Do you recognize anything in this image (place, things, etc..), if so, write about it! If you don’t, would you like to visit this place, why or why not?

If you would like to read about this image, then see the description from the author below. Remember you can also respond to the description, writing your own thoughts about what you read, summarizing what you understood, or stating your opinion of the work!

*NOTE: If you would like to first explore your own creativity, then STOP here and don’t continue reading until you are finished* 

From The Livegram Project site:
“The Livegram Project is an urban photo intervention, conceived in 50 boxes strategically located in interesting and specific points on the streets of New York and other cities. Each one of those have a different “filter” in a hole, so one can look into it and see a peculiar scene. Like a live photograph. The project is in NYC, San Diego and just started São Paulo (so far).”

Caio says he and co-creator Renata chose angles that normally people would walk straight pass and not stop to look at, but the sights are worth being observed for a few seconds. It’s about seeing and observing.

What are your thoughts of The Livegram Project? Share your response to the description and your creative writing (from above) in one or more of the ways described above.

Happy Studying! ♥

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