Free Friday: Excellent English Learning Resources

Well, I guess I jinxed myself last week by saying I have too much on my plate for a weekly post. However, I wouldn’t want to let any of you faithful followers, or English lovers down…so I must give something, right?

I thought it would be helpful to provide additional learning resources for English, focusing on a variety of skills. You are most likely reading this post, or visiting this site for your desire to improve, so below I will give a plethora of web resources. If you are a fellow educator, please share this post with anyone who may find it useful! All of them are, of course, free! It is Free Friday, after all!

Oh! I’ve also included some of the vocabulary from this post below.

English Resources

Find a language partner to exchange information in the learning process, and practice speaking with another person interested in English!
-English Club:
Here you can not only find a language partner on “My EnglishClub”, you can also learn grammar, reading, writing, and listening. There are many exercises and links to all kinds of skills.
Conversation Exchange:
Another website to find a partner to practice conversational skills.

ESL Video:
Members, including teachers, upload different videos with listening comprehension questions. Your results are viewable immediately. I have uploaded some for previous classes. You can view by searching my username: JenESL760
This&Th@ English:
Listen to monthly podcasts with Katie and Dayne to hear conversation and discussions on some interesting topics. You may have the opportunity to hear accents that might be a bit different for you! Make sure to use their study guide to practice!

This has excellent explanation, pictures/timelines, examples, and self-study style exercises to practice.
English Grammar Online 4 U:
Another great website for referencing and practicing English. Explanations are exercises are available, as well as other skills such as vocabulary, writing, pronunciation, etc…

Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary:
Practice words of the day, pronunciation charts, quizzes, and more on this site made specifically for English learners!
English Town:
Bonus for this site: you can change the languages! Learn and review new vocabulary for free and read articles here.

Rachel’s English:
Rachel is the connoisseur of English pronunciation, with tons of videos to prove it! Her videos are easy to understand, and allow for great practice.

English Club:
I’ve got to recommend them once again for their great comprehension exercises and tips!

 Full Lessons
Access full lessons, with a variety of information and skills practice. Choose your theme, topic, skill focus, level, etc…
Lessons based on previous TEDtalks available: including listening comprehension, and additional information to read and gain more information.

Vocabulary from this post:
to jinx someone [verb + object]: to bring bad luck
too much on one’s plate [idiom]: to be busy, have a lot of things to do
to let someone down [phrasal verb]: to disappoint by not being as good as expected
plethora [noun]: a large amount of something
connoisseur [noun]: an expert, someone who knows a lot about something


Interested in more than self-study? Try an online English lesson with me, from the comfort of your own home, office, or learning space. Free trial lessons available, visit for more details or click here!

Sharing is caring, if you found something in this post useful….share with a friend to spread the love and power of knowledge!

Happy Studying <3



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  2. […] 1 If you haven’t finished English Club yet, then it’s a must! They are on the list of my favorite resources for learning, so of course I would include them in my learning […]

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