So, you want to Speak Better Grammar?

By now you have realized, textbook English is not real English.

Natural, spoken English - especially by native English speakers - is wayyyyy different:

For example,

  • We (native speakers) use the present tense to talk about the future.
  • We use the present perfect to talk about the past.
  • We can use the future perfect continuous to talk about the past

And even though that may seem confusing, it doesn't have to be!



You just need to learn how....

Speak Better Grammar

10-week group program with 2 weekly Zoom calls

Speak Better Grammar is an 'English Outside the Box' learning system that will boost your confidence and skills in spoken English grammar and will improve your accuracy in as little as 2 weeks!


Start speaking with natural ease and flow.

Start conversations with confidence.

Eliminate your fear, doubts, and hesitation.

Find freedom in your daily life with the confidence and accuracy you've been looking for!

What's included?

  • The complete (12) time tense grammar e-book with explanations, important notes, examples, & exercises
  • The video lesson, which walks you through the e-book explaining everything you need to know
  • 12 speaking exercises for each tense
  • 12 writing exercises for each tense (*can become speaking practice if you wish*)
  • 20+ self-study exercises for continued practice
  • 2 weekly Zoom calls to practice with me & others in the group
  • Weekly WhatsApp support


When are the Zoom Calls?

  • Tuesdays (Q&A) at 9am (PST - Los Angeles time)
  • Thursdays (Conversation) at 9am (PST - Los Angeles time)


What is the financial and time investment?

  • one-time payment of $999 for the 12-week program
    *payment plan available upon request*
  • minimum of 5 hours per week


Will it work for me?

  • This learning system will work for everyone who makes the effort to do the work, completes the exercises, and shows up to the group calls because it's a personalized experience that will get you practicing the grammar in your own context! You'll immediately be speaking the grammar in the ways and situations YOU need to.You must do the work to FEEL the results!

Other FAQs (frequently asked questions)


> Why do native speakers use grammar so differently from textbooks?

- Using grammar accurately is all about context!! It is very difficult to put all possible contextual situations in a textbook about all of the time tenses. Language is flexible and can also shift over time, so what may be "grammatically accurate" may not be what is naturally and commonly used in spoken English among native speakers.


> How do I know when I can use the present to talk about the future or the future to talk about the past?

-This is what I teach you and support you understanding in the program. English grammar has its rules to do this naturally and accurately.


> Do kids learn these rules in school in the States (or other native-speaking English education systems)?

- No, not exactly. The way native-speaking kids learn languages is very different from 2nd+ language learners. That's why I've created the systems I have, focusing on how the brain best learns and practices English as an adult.


> Can I ask you more questions about the program and see if it's a good fit for me?

- Yes!! Let's talk about make sure this program is right for you. WhatsApp is the best way to communicate with me  - so CLICK HERE to send me a message on WhatsApp.


What have students said about working with me?


"After some frustrated attempts with schools and teaching styles, I think I've finally found the perfect method and teacher for me! Jennifer is very patient and friendly. So, the only thing I have to say is: thanks, Jennifer!"
-Isabela, Brazil



"This week (week 2) was interesting. I started to think in English!"
-Loretta, Italy



"I get a chance to study the materials provided, having the chance to talk to our fellow students, and have the chance to ask questions when having any doubt. Jennifer has provided us with plenty of group calls to practice with what we have learnt. I can learn and remember what I have learned, so that I will be able to use it in my daily life. I enjoy the group calls where the students get together from different parts of the world in order to learn English."
-Dora, Malaysia



"When I enrolled to Jen's course, my goal was to improve my English and improve my accent also, and it really helped me because I felt more confident and ready to speak with Australian people and get a good job. And it give me good opportunities here, so that's awesome for me."
-Ismara, Brazil



"It's a great course that I studied with teacher Jennifer she is a smart teacher and funny at the same time. She taught us from her heart and gave us what I need to be fluent in English. I love how many tactics she used to help us to learn English easily in a fun way. Thanx for helping me always."
-Arwa, Saudi Arabia



"I really enjoy your teaching: good vibes, lots of materials/tips. It’s obvious you teach with your heart & it makes all the difference!"
- Pauline, France



"I started a conversation this week with a native speaker, and didn't feel the same fear as last week. It's only week 2 of the program. The patterns that Jennifer uses to teach make me understand easily."
-Rafaela, Brazil